Création graphique et développement
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Passionnement(s) is the love child of a dual passion for two distinctive destinations that both deeply moved me with their beauty and uniqueness: Venice and Brittany. The latter is where I grew up, while the former is where I live part of the year.


Let me accompany you to Venice and Brittany.

By organizing your trip, I can share my passion with you.
I would like to surprise you, move you, amaze you, make you see, dream, love…. Venice and Brittany……… differently … far from the clichés and off the beaten track that often misses their true, strong identities.


By making you live at the heart of daily life:

.  By finding you stylish apartments, homes or hotels, situated in historic or modern buildings with character, with a garden or terrace, and where you will feel right at home.

. By showing you the best, secret, unusual and authentic addresses, to guarantee you an unconventional stay.

. By offering you activities tied to historical, cultural, social or culinary traditions.

. By organizing meetings with passionate people; during a cooking class that will exalt the flavours of Venetian or Breton cuisine; through a wine tasting session that will delight even the finest palates or a sampling session of local produce that will move you thanks to its simplicity; and via a sea excursion, which will reveal the secrets of the winds and currents and of the channels and shallows.

. By designing personalized tours, during which my friends, guides and accompaniers will make you discover the history of the regions and their legends…

In a fast paced and efficiency and yield-orientated world, the greatest luxury is it not to stroll, gaze, and stimulate to understand and fall in love?

Dominique Tholance